QUALYLOSA 4 4X 13.3 ft



It is a three-dimensional structure of polished corrugated wire or galvanized high-strength steel, electro-welded at each connection point, formed by vertical reinforcements in Zig-Zag with a polystyrene foam core, this product is certified by the National Organization for Standardization and Certification of Construction and Building, SC (ONNCCE under the Standard NMX-C-405-ONNCCE-2014 “Construction Industry-Panels for Structural Use Applied in Construction Systems – Specifications and Test Methods” in type II (For use in mezzanine slabs) and type III (For use in roof slabs).

The polystyrene is certified by ONNCCE under NOM-018-ENER-2011 “Thermal Insulation for Buildings – Characteristics and Test Methods”, the thermal insulation values for roof slabs and/or mezzanine comply with NOM-020-ENER-2011 (Thermal insulation in the housing envelope) and NMX-C-460-2009 (thermal insulation value for use in housing envelopes by thermal zone for the Mexican Republic).


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