Sustainability triangle

The Covintec system is fully sustainable, because its elements, as well as its triangular structure, form the triangle of sustainability.

Energy Saving

  • For its insulation it uses foamed polystyrene which is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator.
  • Complies with NOM-020-ENER-2011 standard.
  • Energy efficiency in buildings
  • Building envelopes for residential use

Thermal breakage

Due to its layered structure, it has a discontinuity in thermal conduction. Averaging the temperature between day and night in the interior masonry with respect to the temperatures in the exterior masonry.
The Covintec system has significantly less thermal conduction compared to a concrete slab, due to the effect of the foamed polystyrene core. This means that on hot days the interior heats up less, being cooler, and on cold days it stores more heat. And temperature variations are slower.


Using external finishes of cement sand and CONCRETE with its resistant steel TRIANGULAR STRUCTURE and polystyrene INSULATION core, it achieves a long life of dozens of years, taking care of your quality of life.


Fast construction: modular system, patented assembly method, easy installation procedure for electrical, electrical and plumbing installations, as well as reinforcement systems. And as the ability to prepare pre-cut and factory assembled modules with hydraulic, electrical, door and window holes. They are supplied together and delivered folded. They allow efficient assembly.
Excellent Structural Behavior
The Covintec system is an example of reinforced concrete with a steel core and high strength triangular reinforcement, with a polystyrene insulating core, achieving a resistant structure and saving on foundation costs.
Covintec 3-layer material system:


Part of the insulation used is recycled, processed in a professional manner to achieve optimum quality and reuse.
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